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If you are a business looking for managed services I suggest reaching out through my employer, Vinebrook Technology .
We have an excellent team with tons of experience.

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OsbornePro aims to improve the security of home and business networks through blogs, videos, and open source code. Check out some of our open source tools and articles at the links above. Be sure to like, watch, subscribe to our instructional YouTube videos which cover how to secure different protocols and configurations. We aim to go into more detail and provide some troubleshooting information which I find is not typically covered in those kinds of videos.
Our open source code can be checked out using the menu links above. We manage the EncrypIT application which simplifies the use of Encrypting File System (EFS) for users in the workplace. The B.T.P.S Security Package is a collection of PowerShell scripts that were designed to add visibility and increase security for small networks (less than 500 devices) without adding extra costs. We have also put together a PowerShell module that can be used to simplify communication with the Cybereason API. Our GitHub also contains a collection of configuration files that serve as secure starting points for different services such as Apache, VSFTPD, SSH, Lighttpd, etc.

I am an advocate for online privacy

Whenever you download an app, visit a website or use social media, majority of the time that company is collecting data on you. We buy things, look up medical conditions, interact with friends, you name it. These actions inadvertently create huge digital stockpiles of data on everyone using them. Although it may not be Personally Identifiable Information (PII) "data brokers" still collect and sell this data to interested parties. A data broker's job is to collect, sell, and maintain data to be analyzed, packaged, and sold without the parties knowledge or permission. That data is typically sold for targeted advertising, credit risk assessments, and direct marketing.

Privacy is a limit on Government and private sector company power. The more someone knows about you the more power they may gain over you. This information can be used to shape behaviors, influence decisions, affect reputations, and in the wrong hands can be used for harm. Privacy is the freedom of thought and free speech. A watchful eye over everything we read or watch can prevent us from exploring ideas outside the norm. Privacy protects people who speak unpopular messages and does not just protect fringe activities.

Below is a list of some tools that can be used to help protect your online privacy.

  1. Pick a password manager such as Bitwarden and create your free account with them
  2. Import any passwords currently saved in your browser into Bitwarden. Bitwarden offers easy instructions for importing your currently saved Browser passwords HERE.
  3. After you are sure you have moved everything into the password manager, set up Multi Factor Authentication. At the very least use MFA for your password manager login (THIS WILL REQUIRE AN APP ON YOUR PHONE). MFA after that you can use the Bitwarden browser extension to easily copy and paste your MFA code instead of taking out your phone and using an app every time.
  4. Any passwords stored in your browser need to be deleted after you import them into your new password manager.
  5. Turn off prompts to save passwords in your web browser.