OsbornePro LogoEnumeration Commands

This is a collection of commands that can be used to enumerate information on a local or remote device. These commands should NEVER BE USED to perform any kind of illegal activities. If you do not have appropriate permissions to run these kinds of commands than DO NOT RUN THEM



Ncat Enumeration

SSH Enumeration

DNS Enumeration

NetBIOS Enumeration

SMB Enumeration

SMB Access

NFS Enumeration

TFTP Enumeration

IMAP Enumeration

POP3 Enumeration

SMTP Enumeration

Contents of vrfy.py script to enumerate SMTP users

RPC Enumeration

RDP Enumeration

VNC Enumeration

Spoofing for Enumeration

WordPress Enumeration

HTTP Enumeration

LDAP Enumeration

Kerberos Enumeration

Hping3 Testing

SNMP Enumeration

SNMP Windows MIB Values

SUID Bit Search