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No, OsbornePro is not currently offering managed services. I suggest reaching out to my employer, Vinebrook Technology for any Managed Service Provider (MSP) needs.

This will depend on how large the job is. I work full time as a Systems Engineer while doing OsbornePro on the side. If you wish to hire me for services know that I will not be able to complete large projects.

Not at the moment, but if you're eager to gain IT experience, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to provide opportunities at OsbornePro that you can showcase on your resume.

I am in the process of putting IT related courses together that will be available with a paid YouTube subscription.

Most definitely, feel free to reach out with any issues or security concerns and to make improvements wherever you see them.

No, we do not use social media. If social interest grows we will start maintaining sites such as Twitter\X or LinkedIn.