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I have put together a list of commands that can be used to transfer a file from one device to another. I have also included some commands to create a simple HTTP server for serving files to download. These commands should NEVER BE USED to perform any kind of illegal activities. If you do not have appropriate permissions to move a file then DO NOT TOUCH IT. These file transfer methods should not be considered a secure way of transferring files. Some methods shown below may use encryption. Not all of them do. Use these at your own risk.

Create a Temporary HTTP Server

Netcat File Transfer

Socat File Transfer

PowerShell Copy Files

Hping3 File Transfer

PowerShell Download Files

Create WGET on Windows

Bash File Transfers

Perl File Transfer

Python File Transfer

Ruby File Transfer

PHP File Transfer

Contents of "upload.php" file below

FTP File Transfer

TFTP File Transfer

CSC Method